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Defence Day Shayari 6th September 2018 for facebook

Defence Day Shayari 6th September 2018 for facebook

Defence Day Shayari 6th September 2018 for facebook


Happy Defence Day – 6 September

Pray for all the martydom of 1965 war till Operation Raahe-Raast(Sawat)

The Pakistan Army done the great job. We Love our Army and Pakistan.

Pakistan Fouj Ko Salam. Pakistan Zindabad.

Defence Day Shayari

V hve been givin tribute to a
number ov famous people,
But 2day on 11.Sep 4got d real gr8 man
“Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah”
Lets do th8, Jst say 1ce
Quaid-e-Azam Paindabad

Defence Day Shayari

There Are Some Unforgettable Days
In The History Of Any Nation…

<23rd March 1940>

Is Very Important Day
On Which
Quaid Gave A Plateform
To The Movement Of Pakistan
And This Is A
Milestone Of Pakistan’s History…



Defence Day Shayari

Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart.
May u find 100’s of reasons to smile today!
May u be the reason for someone else to smile!
Good Day!

Defence Day Shayari


Hm Apne
Ko Unki
Weladt PR
1 CRoR DRud Pak
Ka Gift Dene JaRhe hen

Sirf 1 BAR DROOD PAK PARH K Forward kar do n dnt break da chain

Defence Day Shayari

This Baby Is Your
I Wish Happiness In
Every Way
Good Luck
God Bless,
I Say And Many Blessings
And Wishes,
To Welcome Baby
Into Your Life Today…. 🙂

Always try to be more sensitive about peoples feelings.

Because sometimes a tear means happiness and a smile means hurt..

Defence Day Shayari

This Morning I Got A Call From Heaven,

They Said They Were Missing An Angel…

But Don”t Worry,

I Won”t Tell Them U R Here…

Good Evning..

Defence Day Shayari

No Life Ever Grows
Great Until It Is Focused,

Dedicated, And Disciplined.

But No Life Is Ever Happy

Until It Is Lived For The

Glory Of God.

Keep The Faith

Defence Day Shayari

thousands laid down their lives

so that our country breath this day…

never forget their sacrifice..

Happy Republic day 26th Jan


Nothing in nature is 4 itself

Rivers don”t drink their own water

Trees don”t eat their own fruit

Sun doesn”t give heat 4
Flower don”t spread fragrance 4 themselves

Living 4 others is the way of life…!

Have A Blessed Day (:



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